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Sherman, Texas

Seamstress Job Description

We are looking to employ an experienced sewist to amend, alter, and construct garments and other fabric-made articles according to customers' needs. The seamstress's responsibilities include replacing buttons, zippers, pockets, and linings, adding padding and shaping materials to garments, and modifying garment styles based on customers’ specifications. You should estimate the cost of constructing various clothes, taking into account the amount of time and materials required.

To be successful as a seamstress, you should demonstrate a sound knowledge of various fabrics and sewing techniques. Ultimately, an outstanding sewist should achieve exceptional customer service and promptly complete all tasks.

Seamstress Responsibilities:

  • Accurately measuring customers using tape measures to ensure proper fit of garments.
  • Ensuring that sewing machines and other equipment are in good working order.
  • Altering or repairing customers' garments and other articles, which includes hemming, mending, lengthening, and taking in and letting out seams.
  • Fitting garments on customers to determine how the alterations should be done.
  • Constructing garments and other articles according to customers’ specifications and preferences.
  • Labeling customers' garments and articles and recording the alterations required.
  • Communicating with customers to determine their specifications, needs, and preferences.
  • Using irons and pressing machines to erase the creases on garments and other articles.

Seamstress Requirements:

High school diploma or GED.
Proven sewing experience.
Sound knowledge of various fabrics and sewing techniques.
The ability to work under time constraints.
The ability to safely use different types of sewing machines.
Good hand-eye coordination.
Effective communication skills.
Exceptional customer service skills.

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