Kameron Brooks, CEO

Kameron loves spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and their three kids. He loves to golf and will often be found on the driving range. His favorite show is Shark Tank, and he hopes to present The Charlotte Letter on it someday. It is impossible to hide Funyuns and Reese's peanut butter cups away from him. He is the co-founder and CEO of The Charlotte Letter.

Stephanie Brooks, Co-Founder

Stephanie's a mom to 3 pretty amazing kids! While she is currently residing in Texas, her "ope" and "pop" give away her Midwestern roots. She loves "The Tonight Dough" ice cream. Her favorite place to be is in her craft room. She oversees Apparel Design and Merchandise at The Charlotte Letter.

Cassandra Swenson, Art Director

Cassanda can usually be found trying a new recipe, traveling to far away places, or re-watching Seinfeld for the *mumbles* time. She loves podcasts, airports, and over-the-top recipes. She leads the Art Direction and Design at The Charlotte Letter.

Marissa van Wijngaerde, Fashion Consultant

Marissa is born & raised in California, and moved to Texas in 2017. She received a business degree from FIDM. When she is not sewing or creating art, you can find her playing sports or on her paddle board.

Skyelar Fountain, Web Developer

Skyelar is born and raised in Michigan and still calls the mitten state home. She received a degree in Graphic Design from GVSU. When not designing she can be found doing house projects, hanging with her dog or taking photos.

Lincoln Brooks, Intern

This little lady is one of our favorite people. She is in charge of schedule management, making sure clothes are unfolded, and makes sure we don't take ourselves too seriously. She is paid in fruit snacks, cookies, and Doc McStuffins episodes.