Adaptive Romper - Pants (Coral)
Adaptive Romper - Pants (Coral)
Adaptive Romper - Pants (Coral)
Adaptive Romper - Pants (Coral)

Adaptive Romper - Pants (Coral)

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Girls' Adaptive Pant Romper - Coral

Feeding Tube and Diaper Friendly

Our super cute and fashionable adaptive rompers are made specifically for kids with chronic medical needs to ensure a better fit, easier access, and overall body confidence. 

Our lowered, drawstring waistline fits bodies better and is low enough that it won't tug on G-tubes. Discreet G-tube access with magnetic closure makes it easy, and our zippered diaper access makes diaper changes or quick bathroom emergencies a breeze. 

We make clothes with necessary medical adaptations without the ugly medical look. Kids can look and feel beautiful while still being able to get their medical needs attended to, all while keeping their dignity intact. 


Adaptive Features

  • Hidden magnetic access for feeding tubes
  • Zippered diaper access- No more snaps!
  • Adjustable drawstring waist, no elastic
  • Dropped waistline- No need to worry about catching on a feeding tube!
  • Lowered neckline
  • AFO-friendly
  • As comfy as your favorite t-shirt

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