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Production Packages

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Sampling Packages

1. Mini Tech Pack:

Description: The Mini Tech Pack is a concise blueprint tailored for designers and manufacturers to effectively convey essential garment specifications.


  • Ideal for products like tote bags, makeup bags, and other simple accessories.
  • Strictly for the creation of a mini tech pack; no added services.
  • Excludes sample production and grading.
Recommendation: Perfect for those seeking just the basics to get started with production. Not advised for apparel items.

2. Basic Tech Pack: 

Description: The Basic Tech Pack offers a foundational set of tools to transition seamlessly into production, ideal for products that don't require varied sizing.


  • Includes one mini tech pack.
  • Comes with a single sample.
  • Grading is not included.

Recommendation: Best suited for single products without the need for multiple sizes, like gowns or bath towels.

3. Advanced Tech Pack: 

Description: Our most comprehensive offering, the Advanced Tech Pack, is designed to manage all intricate details of production, from initial samples to final patterns.


  • Includes a robust advanced tech pack.
  • One sample provision, with the flexibility of up to three revisions.
  • Incorporates grading to accommodate different sizes.
  • Pattern-making included.

Recommendation: An ideal choice for those launching a singular product that demands precision, multiple sizes, and intricate detailing.

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