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($25) Champion Membership

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Join our Village!

The Charlotte Letter's membership community helps support our cause year-round.

With your $25 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, you'll get exclusive access to

  • 5% discount on one product every month
  • Annual Members Only Newsletter
  • Exclusive sales and discount opportunities at our online store. 

Your subscription helps support our cause and continue our mission of reimagining what adaptive clothing can be!

Please select MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to access all of the membership perks & benefits!

*If you'd like to help, but don't want the monthly commitment – choose the one time purchase option. All perks and benefits may not be accessible with selection.  

Part of our mission with The Charlotte Letter is to help other families like us. We want to impact the lives of kids who have special needs. We want them to have the tools and resources they need in a public setting to help them live their best life. Your membership helps us keep going, designing, producing, selling, and helping special needs families and other kids just like Charlotte.  Without your support, this company would not be as successful as we are today!

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